You look out, through the passenger window. Rays of golden sunlight breaks through morning mist glazing over intricate details of passing hemlock evergreen.

You look towards driver’s side; examining the catgirl. Charcoal black fur with a tangerine tint near her paws. She sits back, an E-reader inches above her muzzle. You would have thought she’s preparing her thesis on regional flora and fona, but her eyelids suggests otherwise.

The last weekend of every month, you travel to the coastal temperate rain-forests east. The Milky Way splashed over a night sky and equally on Trembleur Lake. Snow capped ranges beyond and wet moss lake-side sand under your boots. Two days isolated without communications other than feral avians whispering their evening songs. Without stress, anxiety and rhetoric of an outside world.

She is your friend. You may even call her your girlfriend. But for all intentions your relationship is completely platonic.

The marine coon tugs at her collar, silently.

You flip open your laptop and look over company documents; blueprints, contracts, page on pages of safety testing reports.